Why Authors Should Consider Co-Writing A Book With Gil

Taking the time to co-write a book could be a great option to widen your horizons and to meet a new audience. The unfortunate truth is that the majority of independent authors rarely cover their costs through book sales. With only a handful of books sold, many become discouraged and end their dream career after just on title.

Unus Mens hopes to make a difference. Our books cover a number of travel and educational themes. Whilst our primary feature revolve around the adventures of one central character, Gil the Travelling Gecko. We also intend to create some educational books in the future.

By creating a collection of short stories we aim to build a fan-base of regular subscribers who will purchase regularly.


Imagine writing an educational children’s book with almost guaranteed sales within weeks?


Becoming an author with Unus Mens could potentially, finance your longer term writing career and even provide the media coverage to make you a household name – in conjunction with Gil of course.

Should you co-write a book with us, you get to write your own story using Gil as the main character, set in the location of your choice. We ask that our  predetermined guidelines are adhered to, but other than that it will be your book, written by you.

Each year we will select stories which will get published and distributed to our audience. Our long term growth depends on our co-writer’s producing quality books on a regular basis plus the self-marketing that each of these writers will provide across their own networks to promote the Gil stories around the world.

Along with the stories, co-writing authors are asked to provide photographs of the location which will be used to illustrate the published books. On each adventure Gil meets one or more local characters who could be animals or people. This provides the necessary interaction which allows for Gil and his readers to learn about the destination from local characters.

Advertising of international brands within the story is strictly out of bounds, however if there is a specialist product, artist or building which is recommended viewing for tourists, then this could be permitted.  

Unus Mens and the Gil’s World collection is a pathway to improve lives, not to engage children in unnecessary advertising.


Co-Write A Book