Unus Mens

Our mission is to not only get children reading, but to excite them about the world. To take them to new places and view them threw new eyes. Let us enable and inspire them, to gain an insight into different cultures and languages with open minds through stories written by local people and travellers.

Concept : To create a series of inspirational, children’s educational story books. All stories will be written by our main character Gil & name of the author. Authors will change for each story in order to encourage writers to participate. There will be direction for all stories so that they maintain cohesion across the collection The goal is to publish several new stories each year. Authors will receive a % of profits for the book which they write after licensing fees have been deducted.

We have created a number of stories which provide a schematic for future writers to work from. There is an overall theme, a story line in English which introduces one other language, and a goal which we encourage writers to embrace, challenge and improve for the betterment of subsequent authors in the future.

In time our readers will be encouraged to become authors themselves, in order to tell their own story. The world is filled with stories, the multitude of which we never experience as they are not from our own country and or in our own language.

As Unus Mens expands, this concept will hopefully embrace languages from around the world. Gil has ultimately been created to be a Citizen of the World and will be based in a different capital cities depending on the primary language of its audiences.

Gil will be unable to be stereotyped by nationality because as the collection grows there will be multiple ‘Gil goes to … ” in multiple languages.