UNUS MENS {one mind}


Mission :

Inspire children to read and ultimately to write

Enable children to learn about different countries, culture and languages.

Educate children about key aspects of today’s modern world and the problems which need to be recognised, understood and conquered


Unus Mens is our attempt to bring together an affirmative action based on every child’s right to expand and improve. Many children remain illiterate and ignorant, whilst the rest are force-fed out-dated concepts, heavy with cultural bias. The populations of this wonderful world are in desperate need of a unified step forward in a different direction.

A child is a blank canvas, a seed, a sponge. They will learn and adapt based on their surroundings, the language, the culture, the belief systems, the integrity and the wisdom of their peers which surrounds and encompasses them during their formative years. Whichever upbringing you provide for your children, will have an overt effect on their place in the world as adults.

The benefit of learning, is the expansion of the mind. The ability to make sense and rationalise previously unseen environments and occasions. It is the primeval urge to discover and experience new feelings, sights and sounds.

Inspired by the insightful perspectives of Sir  Ken Robinson, Hans Rosling, Geoff Lawton and others, Unus Mens aims to engage, excite, educate and mould tomorrow’s  leaders from the very earliest stages of their lives.